How do I book my wedding photography with you?

Its simple. Just go to the contact tab above, fill in your email address, pop your wedding date in the comments box, along with any questions and click send. I will then get back to you as quickly as possible.

What happens after I get in touch with you?

You can find a full description of the booking process by clicking here. As simply as I can explain it, the following happens: ​

We would meet up and discuss your plans and the photography. I leave you with an Information Pack and Contract. You sign the Contract and pay the Deposit. We have an engagement shoot and/or a pre-venue visit. You pay the Final Balance a month before your wedding date. I photograph your wedding day. ​I edit your images. You receive your photographs. Sounds easy when I say it like that! ​

What type of wedding photographer are you?

I am what is known as a photo journalist photographer. I don't ask for posed or formal shots. I just gently blend with you and your guests, keeping to the background and not interrupting your day. I then just capture the natural moments that occur throughout your wedding. ​

Why is wedding photography expensive?

​I have attempted to answer this on my 'Brides Guide' section.

Why are you cheaper than some other wedding photographers?

I would say a cheap wedding photographer is a relative statement, as is the word cheap in general, and I would encourage you to read my 'Brides Guide' section about what makes wedding photography the price it is. However, I believe my prices to be fair and affordable based on the expertise I have, the professional equipment I use, the service I offer, the exceptional quality images I produce and the overall experience I provide. There are wedding photographers who will charge more than me for different reasons. Perhaps because they may offer different types of packages that include different things. Others may carry 20 years experience and have earned the right to price their packages the way they do with their massive wealth of experience. Of course, there are also some wedding photographers who may simply feel like they can get away with charging more, when they shouldn't be!

There are, on the other side of it, really cheap wedding photographers out there who undercut everyone simply because they don't use professional equipment, don't offer a quality service and produce flat, uninspiring, amateur pictures. Ask yourself if its worth paying any money at all to have your special day photographed in this way. I would think not. ​Again, I believe my prices to be fair and an affordable way to have professional wedding photography. I offer a brilliant service and fantastic images coupled with affordable prices.

What is included in your packages?

You can view my wedding packages by clicking here where you will get a full description of whats included. ​

What equipment do you use?

​I use 2 Nikon Z6's as my cameras (often at the same time). I have a variety of different prime and zoom lenses which I use with these cameras. To see a full description of my equipment you can visit my blog. 

How much is the Deposit?

​A signed Contract and £100 Deposit will secure your date. ​

How long do I have to wait to get my photos back?

​Once your wedding day is over, I will set about editing your photographs. Typically you will receive your photos within 2-3 weeks but I always say allow up to 28 days. ​

Do you provide services for destination weddings?

No I'm afraid not, I do however cover Exeter and Devon, with no charge for fuel, and some of the places I visit are 2 hours away. Does that count as a destination wedding...

Can guests purchase photos?

I provide a private online gallery for you. From here, your guests and you can print any images requested, in a multitude of formats.

Do you have insurance?

​Yes, I hold public liability insurance up to £1,000,000. ​

Any other questions, or to book your wedding photography, please just get in touch.




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