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The below images are set out in an order of a typical Full Day 10 Hour Package, from Bridal Prep to First Dance. Of course, every wedding is different but this will give you an idea of how your own wedding day is likely to go and the types of photos you will receive from me. 

I highly recommend you read the 'My Style' page so you can see exactly how I like to capture my couples special days.

Bridal Preparation:

This tends to be the beginning of most wedding days. Whether the bride is at home, her parents, a hotel or the venue itself, it is a chance to get excited (and nervous) about the day ahead and enjoy the company of the bridesmaids, friends and family. Possibly even with a little drink. It is also a perfect chance to sit back and have somone else apply make-up and style her hair. The last step here is to put on the wedding dress, often with a first look from the father or other family members.

I like to melt away into the background and simply observe and photograph what's going on. I always make sure to get some shots of all the little details as well, such as shoes, dress, make-up, flowers etc.

Groom/Guest Arrival:

Generally about an hour before the ceremony is due to begin, all the guests will start to arrive. Hopefully the groom gets there first and can begin to greet all of the guests.

It's usually during this time that I will take some photos of the ceremony location, both inside and outside, in addition to taking some nice candid shots of everyone happily arriving.


This part of the day is all about the build up to the ceremony. All of the guests will take their seats, the groom and groomsmen make their way to the front and the bride and her bridesmaids start to head down to the ceremony location.

The Ceremony:

The main event. This is the part where vows are exchanged, kisses are shared and any nerves fade into exuberant joy.


Time for the celebrations to begin. Everyone can grab a drink, hug, laugh, cry and enjoy the moment with each other. Oh, and maybe throw some confetti or blow bubbles at the newlyweds.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I don't intefere or organise the day. For the confetti walks, I find it is usually the groomsmen, bridesmaids or parents ushering guests into a line, ready for the newlyweds to walk through.

Reception and the Details:

Some weddings will have a separate reception venue to the ceremony one, other weddings will hold the ceremony and reception at the same venue. Either way, this is a chance for everone to continue mingling, drinking and being merry, whilst I continue to capture some candid natural shots of everyone.

I also usually take this chance (sometimes it will be earlier in the day depending on venue) to capture some detail shots, such as table decorations, bunting, drinks, menus, name cards and everything else that I can find.

Group Photos:

I highly suggest you read the 'My Style' page on this website to familiarise yourself with how I like to photograph weddings. I am a documentary wedding photographer, which means I don't like to influence the day, in fact I try and stay as invisible as possible.

Therefore I believe that Group Photos distracts from the natural flow of the day. Not to mention it is incredibly time consuming, frustrating for guests who just want to enjoy themselves and generally means posed and 'say cheese' smiles, instead of the natural real smiles that occur throughout the rest of the day.

That being said, I appreciate that a lot of people like at least a few Group Shots such as Bride-Groom-Brides Mum, Bride-Groom-Nan etc. Therefore,I do allow 'a few' requests for Group Photos. It is up to my couples to appoint somone, generally an usher or bridesmaids, to 'gather the guests up' according to the Group Shot list that the couples decide upon. I then compose the image, moving people around where needed to capture the photo.

Couple Portraits:

These are the only posed photos throughout the whole day that I will perform (other than a few posed Group Photos). This is a time when the newlyweds and myself go off for 15 minutes. We will use this time to capture some gorgeous photos with the newlyweds showing their love for each other. It is also a good chance for the newlyweds to just step away from everyone else briefly and have a little a break from all the excitement.


Not everyone does speeches, but I always encourage everyone to do it before eating the meal. It saves from sitting at the table worrying about what you're going to say and means you can just get it done and relax.

I'll usually be off to the side somewhere at this point, photographing the actual speaker as well as the reactions of guests.

Dinner Time:

I will always take this opportunity to have a break and go off somewhere else for an hour or so, even at smaller weddings when the meal consists of a few sandwiches. I haven't yet found anyone who wants pictures of them sliding a yorkshire pudding or egg sandwich into their mouth, long may that continue.

Cutting the Cake:

Generally happens towards the end of the evening so every guest can indulge after thier meals.

First Dance:

Pretty much the final act of the day. A great chance for the newlyweds to get out those dance moves and show them off to each other and their guests. Although I find a slow romantic shuffle works better than extravagant dancing.

Photographer Leaves:

Sometime after the First Dance I will bid everyone farewell and take my leave. The next job for me? Sitting at my desk sorting, filing, backing up and editing all the photos from the day. A timely process for sure but I always aim to give my couples their images on their beautiful USB's within 2 - 3 weeks (maximum 28 days).

Additional Photos:

Again, I would encourage you to read the 'My Style' page on this website to see how I go about photographing weddings. In short, I am a documentary wedding photographer. This means I don't manipulate the day in anyway, I don't ask for poses or for anyone to say cheese. I capture moments naturally.

Throughout the day I will be snapping away with my camera(s). Sometimes you'll see me, other times you won't. But rest assured I will be there to capture it all in an unposed, natural, subtle and beautiful way.

The above 'order of the day' is just a guide to a typical wedding. I will get all of these pictures; and every moment in between that I can lay my eyes upon.

To enquire about any packages, to ask a question, to see if your date is free or to book your wedding photography, please just click here or use the contact tab above and send me a message. I will respond as quickly as possible and would truly love to hear from you.




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