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Documentary Wedding Photographer

There are many different styles of wedding photography. One style may suit a certain couple, while another style will suit others. It's important that you understand this so you can pick the wedding photographer who will best suit you.

I provide a documentary style of wedding photography. This is also often referred to as photojournalism or reportage photography. This style means, in my eyes, that YOUR wedding day is about the BOTH OF YOU; the way it should be.

I am there to simply photograph your day. To record the story that you are telling. I like to be subtle, unnoticed and unobtrusive.

My company tagline is 'Capture Moments. Create Memories'. I feel this sums up perfectly my style. 'Moments' are created by you saying your vows, the first kiss, holding hands, cutting a cake and having a first dance. It is you and your guests interacting with each other, sharing stories, laughs, tears and joy. All I do is 'capture' that essence. In 'capturing your moments' through photographs, we together are 'creating memories' that in years to come, you will be able to share over and over with each other, your family and friends. 

As a documentary wedding photographer, I am telling your story through pictures.

Have you ever been to a wedding where the photographer has bossed everyone about, made you pose for photos and centered the day around his/her way of doing things? I have. This is, in my view, a complete distraction and takes away from the magic of what is a special day, especially for the bride and groom. How often do you have all your family and friends together, in one place, for a whole day, who are all there just for you? Simple answer, you only get that once in your life; that's your wedding day.

Would you like to enjoy your guests company, bask in their happiness and joy for you, luxuriate in the expensive venue you've chosen, relish in the food and drink, laugh, hug, cry, dance and be exhubirant in this once in a lifetime special day that is all yours? Or would you rather pose for photographs, be dictated to about the timings of your day so it fits in with the photographer, spend an hour (a precious hour of your one special day) waiting for the photographer to gather and organise your guests in order to take boring, posed, group shots with forced 'say cheese' smiles? I know what my answer is.

Does it makes you fell horrified at the thought of:

- A photographer bossing you around.

- Saying cheese.

- Wasting your day with loads of posed group shots.

- Spending more time with the photographer than your family and friends.

Is what you really want from your wedding day:

- To enjoy the company of your family and friends.

- To experience your one and only special day in a fun, relaxed, joyful manner.

- To take delight in all of your expensive elements like your venue, decorations, food, drink and everything that you have spent weeks, months and years planning. Things that you only get to enjoy for one day, once in your whole life.

- To receive after your wedding day, beautiful photographs that, for the most part, you didn't even realise were being taken. Photos with gorgeous, unique and unposed emotion. You and your guests captured smiling, laughing, hugging, chatting and embroiled with the brilliance of your day.

- Photographs that capture every aspect of your day. From characteristics such as table decorations, wedding dress details, outside/inside ceremony and reception venues, wedding ring particulars, make-up being applied, first kiss, confetti, special cars and transportation, speeches, cake cutting, first dance and everything that creates your wedding day.

I do appreciate that there are times when posed shots are needed, and I do regularly have guests asking me if I can 'take their photo', but I try and keep it to a minimum. The exceptions I tend to make are:

- The 'Couple Portraits'. If you as the bride and groom request that we go off together somewhere private around your venue, then I will always say yes as I believe the 'couple portraits' can have an important message in the story of your day, even if they are posed.

- The 'Group Shots', sometimes called 'the Formals'. I believe that the 'Group Shots' are a distraction from your day, however my couples often request them, so I do include them in my packages. What I find is that it takes a long time to gather your guests up, to pose them, to take photos, to gather guests again, to pose them again, to take photos again and again, over and over. It annoys guests who would rather drink and chat, and distracts far to much from the natural story of your day. Rest assured that I will capture all of your guests throughout the day, in candid, natural and real life moments. However, if you would like the 'formal group shots', I will happily capture these images for you and do so in pretty much every wedding that I photograph.

Remember, the story of your day is what I am capturing. I want to do that in a way where I don't affect it, I just document the natural elements of it.

To summarise, my documentary wedding photography style is to fit in with your day. I am unobtrusive and subtle. I will filter around you and your guests, sometimes with a long lens to photograph from far away, sometimes with wider lenses to get in amongst the action, whilst remaining as invisible as possible. I want to capture genuine moments. Most importantly, I want you to fully enjoy your one and only wedding day.

When you look back at your photos I want your memories to be:

'That was an amazing day, we had so much fun and enjoyed the company of all our family and friends. The food and drink was excellent. Our venue was just gorgeous. We hardly noticed the photographer, but he has captured every moment of our wedding and now we can look back through the gorgeous natural photos he has taken and be rekindled once again in the memories of our one special day.'

If you share my views about what your wedding day should be about and you want your memories captured in a subtle and beautiful way, then please get in touch.




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